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Arrived waiting for a start date!
Will let all of you know soon.


If you do not want to drive or want to be a sober driver and party all night with our lovely ladies. K bus driver will pick you up fast and drop you off safely and discreetly at your destination. Please call and discuss about our transport rate. You will be entitled for a discount of 10% for driver fees if you join our VIP GROUP and book our ladies.

Call us in advance to book K vehicle.
04 3859535 or 0274465187

We provide free transport for clients pick up from in between TORY ST and COURTNEY PLACE.
Please remember not to...


Customers service are the upmost importance to our KENSINGTON CLUB. We would like to show our appreciation to clients by giving out the 11th BOOKING FOR FREE.
Come and see our manager for enquiries and join us. How does it benefit you? Since the 11th booking is free; the price is cheaper than any other parlours. The card is securely "KEEP WITH US and well documented each time you booked one of our lovely ladies. There will be no stress or worries for you to carry the VIP cards.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Our daytime cash only special of $180 is now available

every day including Saturday and Sundays 9.30am-6.30pm.

Day time clients are also eligible for VIP cards





Lush and comfortable rooms with everything you need for a good time. Our rooms are fully equipped with all the normal luxury, glamour, and comfort you expect from a leading Wellington gentleman's club. Huge beds, fresh showers and warm surroundings make for a world class brothel located conveniently in central Wellington. We also have a luxurious party room with 2 double beds for twice as much fun!

Full bar, parking, smoking room and special rooms available. Kensington Gentlemen's Club has a full compliment of modern facilities enhanced with classic...